Why Rakeback?

Anyone who plays poker absolutely needs a rakeback deal because rakeback provides poker players with extra money they otherwise wouldn’t get. Every time you win a pot, a small piece of that pot is kept by the poker site as rake. If you get a rakeback deal, you can get a significant percentage of that money returned to you each month.

You need a rakeback deal because if you play poker, this is absolutely free money. All you have to do is play poker like you normally do and you’ll get rakeback payments deposited to your poker account every month. There is no catch to this other than the fact that you have to play poker to earn rakeback. If you’re planning on playing poker anyways, why not get a rakeback deal

It doesn’t seem like it, but those small amounts taken out of every pot you win add up to significant amounts every month. If you play poker on a semi-regular basis, you are probably paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in rake every month. For example:

If you play two tables of $0.50/$1.00 shorthanded no limit for three hours a day, you will receive roughly $450 a month in rakeback payments with a 30% deal.

Now, let’s say you move up in stakes and start playing four tables of $2/$4 no limit for three hours a day. In that case, you would receive nearly $2,000 a month in rakeback payments.

That alone is more money than what many people make at work every month! When I played poker as a full time job a couple years back, I earned a little over $3,000 in rakeback some months. The best part of all was that that money was in addition to my regular poker winnings.

Even though rakeback is just a return of money you have already paid to some poker site, it feels like a second income. If you’re used to whatever winrate you currently have, your rakeback payments will just be extra icing on top. It’s sort of like receiving a reward for doing something you already do anyways: play poker.

Unlike poker bonuses, there’s no limit to the amount of rakeback you receive each month. The more poker you play, the more rake you generate and the bigger your rakeback payments. Even if you’re not a hardcore grinder right now, it would still be nice to know you have that rakeback deal waiting for you.

The best reason to get rakeback, however, is because rakeback is a guaranteed income. It doesn’t matter how great or terrible your month is; you will get your rakeback payment regardless. Even if you have the worst month in the history of poker, you’re still going to get that rakeback payment. This comes in really hand during those bad months in which it seems like nothing goes right.

Now that you know how significant rakeback is, there’s no reason for you not to get a rakeback deal. It’s not difficult or time consuming and it doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is sign up at one of our rakeback poker sites and you’ll have your very own rakeback deal.