About Us

Why Choose RakeMonkey.com

RakeMonkey.com is one of the most trusted rakeback providers in the industry. In the rakeback world, trust is the most important factor of all. Not only does RakeMonkey.com provide players with rakeback (anyone can do that) but it also provides excellent customer service and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in promotions.

There are three major factors that determine the overall qualify of experience you will receive from your rakeback provider. The most important factor is trust and reputation, followed by cashouts and then player rewards. Each factor is important but the trust and reputation of a rakeback provider is of utmost importance.

Trust and Reputation

Anyone can also claim to be the most trusted rakeback provider in the world but RakeMonkey.com is a featured sponsor for TwoPlusTwo.com, PokerTracker and SharkScope. With big names backing it up, RakeMonkey.com has proven itself to be a legitimate business with the players’ best interests at heart.

Success in the rakeback industry is achieved by developing trust with poker players and treating them right. For the most part, poker players are a tight-knit group and a rakeback provider’s reputation depends entirely upon providing every single player with a positive experience. All you members of poker forums out there know how fast news spreads in the poker world.

With that in mind, RakeMonkey.com has focused on providing players with a trusted resource for all their rakeback needs. They know that if they continually prove themselves to be a trustworthy, reliable source of rakeback that poker players will recommend RakeMonkey.com to their friends.

You can reach us personally at any time just by shooting an email to support@rakemonkey.com.

24/7 Cashouts

Another thing players love about RakeMokey.com is its 24/7 cashout policy. When you sign up through RakeMonkey.com, you don’t have to wait a month between payments. You can visit your rake stats daily and cash out any time you want to. RakeMonkey.com isn’t in the business to hold onto your money forever. Any time you want your cash, it’s yours.

Player Rewards

RakeMonkey.com gives away $150,000 every month in rake races, rake chases and freerolls. Players who sign up at poker sites through RakeMonkey.com automatically qualify for all these contests by simply playing poker like usual.

One of the best things about the contests is that players of all levels can benefit from them. Small stakes players can still win money in RakeMonkey’s promotions because cash rewards are given out at all levels of play but high volume players can still win enough money to actually make a difference in their bankrolls.

Finally, the Refer-A-Friend program is the best in the industry, with players earning anywhere from 4% to 6% on all referrals sent to RakeMonkey.com. It’s hard to compete with rates like that just for referring your friends. Some rakeback players make thousands of dollars a month off their referrals alone.