Weekly Loose Change Freerolls

“To be ELIGIBLE for DAILY rakeback cashouts and applicable freerolls, rake races and rake chases you must open a NEW poker account and not have a current one on the software you download today. EXISTING accounts are NOT eligible for rakeback through, nor are they eligible for any monthly freerolls and other promotional offers our site has to offer. Multiple accounts ARE NOT allowed through RakeMonkey – so please be aware of this when you want to sign up for one of our great poker sites. “

Loose Change freerolls are freeroll tournaments we hold every Sunday at 3:00 PM EST with a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000. We seed each tournament with $2,500 and then all of our players have a chance to opt-in. We then clear the loose change each day of anyone who is opted in and add that change to the prize pool.

For example, if your ending rakeback balance one day is $73.42, we’ll take $0.42 from your balance and add it to the prize pool. If there is ever a week in which we don’t collect enough loose change to bring the prize pool up to $5,000, we’ll stock it with our own funds until the prize pool is worth $5,000.

In total, our Loose Change freerolls represent $20,000 worth of guaranteed freeroll tournaments every month. This is just one of the many ways in which we differentiate ourselves from the competition. These tournaments cost absolutely nothing to enter other than the loose change in your account.

These tournaments are a great way to build up the bankroll, especially for new players. One of the best things about the Loose Change freerolls is that many of the people who qualify for them don’t even show up. There’s a lot of dead money sitting out there – all you have to do is take it.

How to Participate

Once you opt in to our loose change freerolls, all you have to do is contribute at least $0.01 to the prize pool. The minimum amount you can contribute is $0.01 and the maximum you could ever pay is if your balanced happened to end up with $0.99 every day. In other words, the most it could ever cost you to participate is $6.93.

You don’t even need to play at Full Tilt to participate

You can opt in to our Loose Change freerolls through any of our rakeback poker sites. As long as you have an account with us, you can opt-in to the loose change freeroll and then play it every Sunday at Full Tilt. Your Full Tilt account doesn’t even have to be linked to us. Just play poker at your regular site and then log in to Full Tilt once a week to participate in the freeroll.

Don’t have a Full Tilt Account?

Visit our Full Tilt Poker sign up page to get a rakeback account at Full Tilt. Full Tilt is actually one of our favorite rakeback poker sites because it has the best cash games on the internet and thousands of poker tournaments.