Rake Races

What are Rake Races and Chases?

Rake races and chases are one of the many ways in which we reward our players for having rakeback accounts and playing poker. We want to keep our players happy so we give away $150,000 a month in rake chases and rake races. We also offer daily cashouts so you can have your money any time you want it – not just once a month like at most rakeback sites.

Rake races are simple contests in which the top 50 or so players who earn the most rake each month get a special cash prize. It’s sort of like a tournament where the top raking player gets the biggest cash prize, the second-raking player gets a slightly smaller prize and so on down the line.

Rake chases are similar to races but the difference is that in races, you’re just trying to reach certain levels of rake. The higher the level you reach, the more you get paid at the end of the month. Each level only has a limited number of positions so you have to be among the first players to reach each level to receive a prize.

The races and chases listed below are listed according to the total dollar amount of prizes given away at that poker site each month. For example, a $21,000 rake race gives away $21,000 worth of prizes spread across the top raking players each month.

Rake Races

$21,000 Rake Races

• Ultimate Bet
• Absolute Poker
• Full Tilt Poker

$15,000 Rake Races

• Cake Poker

Rake Chases

$10,000 Rake Chases

• Molten Poker
• Carbon Poker
• NoIQ Poker
• Aced Poker

$6,000 Rake Chases

• InterPoker
• PKR Poker

Participating in Rake Races and Chases

As long as you have a rakeback account through us with any of the above sites, you’ll automatically participate in every rake chase and race we offer. All you have to do is play poker like you always do and your progress will automatically be tracked.

Any time you place in one of our races or chases, we’ll notify you and pay out your winnings during the following month. Your rakeback cash is always available but our rake chase and rake race prizes are only paid out once a month.

Benefits of Rake Races and Chases

Rake races and chases are extremely beneficial because they require nothing extra from you other than doing what you normally do: play poker. Not only do you get to collect your rakeback but you’ll also win extra cash prizes for performing well in the rake races and chases.

When you’re ready to get started, visit the review page of any of our recommended rakeback poker rooms. From there, you can read all about the poker room and learn how to get signed up for rakeback. After that, you’ll have an account with us and be ready to start earning.


“To be ELIGIBLE for DAILY rakeback cashouts and applicable freerolls, rake races and rake chases you must open a NEW poker account and not have a current one on the software you download today. EXISTING accounts are NOT eligible for rakeback through RakeMonkey.com, nor are they eligible for any monthly freerolls and other promotional offers our site has to offer. Multiple accounts ARE NOT allowed through RakeMonkey – so please be aware of this when you want to sign up for one of our great poker sites. “