What is rake?

Rake is the source of a poker room’s profits. A small percentage is taken out of every pot and kept by the poker room as income. This is how poker sites make their money.

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is a deal in which you receive a certain percentage of your rake back every month. For example, if you have a 27% rakeback deal, the poker site will return back to you 27% of the rake you pay each month.

How can I get rakeback?

You can get rakeback by signing up at one of our rakeback poker sites. As long as you sign up through any one of the rooms we promote at RakeMonkey.com, you will be flagged to receive rakeback for the life of your poker account. We also provide step-by-step instructions on each of our site-specific rakeback pages. The signup form is simple to type in and all we require is basically an email and your new screen name after you download the software and make your new account.

Is rakeback safe?

Yes. Rakeback is an industry-wide business model. Many poker rooms offer rakeback, with the exception of a few. However, those rooms generally make up for it by offering special VIP programs.

Is rakeback allowed by poker sites?

Yes, the poker sites listed here at RakeMonkey.com all condone our rakeback deals.

Why do sites like RakeMonkey.com offer rakeback?

Every time a poker site like this one sends a player to an online poker room, we earn a certain percentage of that player’s rake for the life of the account. The rakeback deals we offer cut deeply into that percentage but we make up for it by sheer volume. Everybody wants rakeback!

Can I find better rakeback deals elsewhere?

No. The rakeback industry has become very competitive in recent years and all rakeback sites like this one offer the highest rakeback deals allowed by poker rooms. If you find a rakeback site offering higher percentages than those listed here, you should be very wary. Most likely, that rakeback site is breaking the poker room’s terms and conditions. If your rakeback provider gets shut down, you are out of luck at that poker room.

How often do I get paid?

Here at RakeMonkey.com, all you have to do is Login directly from our site, check your stats and you’ll instantly have the power to cashout your rake DAILY. There are no delays in this process and we’re not like most providers who may only pay out once a month.

How do I get paid?

At some poker sites, the poker room itself automatically transfers your rakeback payments to your player account. At other poker sites, we handle the payments and transfer the money to your poker account, NETeller or other e-wallets.

How much can I earn with rakeback?

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can earn with rakeback. The more poker you play, the more rake you pay and the bigger your rakeback payments. Some of our high volume players earn thousands of dollars a month in rakeback.

Why should I get rakeback?

Rakeback is essential for poker players. A rakeback deal provides you with extra money each month. There’s nothing you have to do to get this money except player poker. You don’t even have to be a winning player to earn rakeback every month.

Can I get rakeback on an existing account?

Usually, the answer to this question is no. However, there are some poker rooms at which you can get rakeback on an existing account. If you have any questions about getting rakeback on an existing account, feel free to contact us.

What’s the catch?

There are no catches, costs or strings attached. All you have to do is sign up at one of our rakeback poker rooms and play poker.

Can I have rakeback at more than one poker site?

Absolutely. You can have rakeback deals at all of our poker sites.

What’s the difference between 3rd party and in house rake?

Once you sign up for an in-house rakeback deal through us, the poker site handles all of your rakeback payments. The poker site transfers your rakeback payments straight to your player account. With 3rd party deals, we handle all of your rakeback payments for you.

What are “deductions”?

Reductions are costs that poker rooms charge against your generated rake. For example, if you generate $1,000 in rake one month but you also earn a $100 bonus, your calculated rakeback amount would be XX% of $900.

Even though your rakeback payment will be affected by this, it’s still worth clearing bonuses when they are offered. You’ll get the entire bonus plus whatever leftover rakeback you have earned.

Don’t worry – you will rarely go negative due to deductions. Even if you do, that negative amount will be wiped clear the next month. You will never “owe” money to anyone due to deductions.

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