In the rakeback business, word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement. Poker players tend to know other poker players so we want to make it worth your while to mention our name to your friends when talking about rakeback. With that in mind, we’ve created the highest paying referral program in the industry.

Any time you refer a friend to, you’ll get anywhere from 4% to 6% of that player’s rake for life. For example, if you send three players to us and they generate $10,000 in rake per month, you’ll earn $400 per month off those players alone. The more players you send, the more you make every month.

Refer-A-Friend Rates

The percentage you earn on your referrals is based on how much rake they generate as a group:

Rake Generated |  Your Share

$0 – $19,999 | 4%
$20,000 – $49,999 |  5%
$50,000 + | 6%

Let’s say you refer 10 high volume players and together they generate a total of $50,000 in rake per month. In that case, you would earn $3,000 a month off those players. For as long as they play, you’ll earn money off them without having to do a thing. This is extra money that you get to keep in addition to your regular rakeback payments and money you win through our Rake Races and Chases.

Even better is the fact that we have a 5-tier referral program. This means that not only do you get credit for players you refer, but you get credit for players that they refer. This goes all the way down to 5 levels below you.

The more people you send to, the more likely it becomes that they will refer other players. With our 5-tier program, you can imagine the snowball effect this can create.

Tier Rates

Tier #  | Your Share

1 | 4% to 6%
2 | 1%
3 |  .75%
4 | .50%
5 | .25%

Refer-A-Friend Race

Every month, we give away $2,000 in total prize money to the top 20 players who refer the most players to For a referral to count towards the contest, that player must make a real money deposit and play poker.