WSOP Poker Dealer Fired

CardPlayer has reported a very interesting incident that took place at this year’s World Series of Poker last week. The news source spoke with Mike Sowers a poker pro who recently encountered a bazaar situation. The pro considers a hand from last week to be the craziest he has ever been involved in.

Sowers stated that he was competing in a WSOP event when a new dealer came to the table. Sowers was given pocket nines and raised with his pair and a player to his left raised to 525. Another player called and Sowers did as well. The flop showed 9-8-7 all hearts and Sowers was holding the best set, so he checked. The player to his left checked and the third player bet 800.

Sowers then check raised to 2,600 and one player folded. The remaining player placed Sowers all in which was around 5,500. Sowers called and showed his set and the remaining player held pocket Queens for a flush draw. Sowers then stated that the dealer looked at him and stated: “Sorry man, bad beat.”

Sowers looked at the dealer in doubt and told the dealer: ‘you know I have the best hand, right?’ The dealer just looked at the pro and stated: “Sorry man, bad beat.” The turn showed a 6 of hearts and a Queen on the river. Sowers just looked on in disbelief.

After he was knocked out, Sowers left the tournament area and then later on that day heard from a fellow player from the table that the dealer laughed after Sowers was busted and said he did not shuffle the deck. After he heard this, the pro went and complained to the staff at the Rio and spoke with Jack Effel, the tournament director.

Sowers does not know what happened in the case, but he does know that the dealer was let go. Sowers stated that Effel said they did not view the security cameras in the case but Sowers believes that this is not so.