2013 Poker Hall of Fame Nominations to Begin

With the 2013 World Series of Poker in full swing, it is that time of year again to begin nominating players for the Poker Hall of Fame. This past Wednesday was the first day that public nominations were available for the Hall of Fame and two members will be inducted later this year after nominations are set and voting takes place.

The public voting and submissions will end on August 15th. The list of those nominated will be given to the Hall of Fame Committee and those nominated will be reviewed thoroughly. The list will then be cut down to a lesser number and any players who may have been overlooked will be added to the list. Once the nominating committee has reviewed the list, the Hall of Fame members will then vote for their selection. Certain members of the poker media will also be allowed to vote on who will be the next inductees.

Those who are nominated must meet a certain type of criteria to be eligible for nomination. The criteria includes that the player must have competed in high stakes action against top players in the industry. The nominated individual must be forty years of age before the August 15th due date and must have gained the respect of their peers by participating in good game play consistently throughout their career. The player or person nominated must have stood the test of time in the industry. Anyone who is nominated that is not a player must have contributed to the growth of poker and provide lasting as well as positive effects on the game.

It is always interesting to see who is nominated for this prestigious group of players. Once the ballot list is complete, the two finalists will be chosen and then they will join a group of forty members of the Poker Hall of Fame, nineteen of which are still living.