Americas Cardroom Phases Out Bad Beat Jackpot

AmericasCardroom-TableBeginning in September, Americas Cardroom will be phasing out their promotion in regards to the bad beat jackpot and trading the idea out for something new. Currently, the site pays players a jackpot for competing at the bad beat jackpot tables and losing with a pair eights or a better hand. Once the 1st of September arrives, this option will no longer be available.

From this point, the site will not require a fee for players to play the bad beat jackpot, yet the jackpot will still be in play. Americas Cardroom released a statement on the subject via Michael Harris, which read that the company had decided to respond to feedback of game play by delivering a certain type of experience for ‘diehard’ players. Players wanted changes with the Bad Beat Jackpot and America’s Cardroom decided to change the concept of how players would earn the cash.

The change will see the jackpot frozen and players will be able to earn a piece of the jackpot. Players can compete for the jackpot once September arrives with no fee to compete. As of this point, the fee taken from the Beast category will only go towards The Beast when normally the fee fed the Bad Beat and The Beast.

Right now the site takes $0.25 in fees for stakes of $1/$2 as well as $0.08 from lower stakes for the bad beat. $0.13 and four cents is taken for the Cash option of The Beast and the Tournament Race of The Beast. Higher takes take out even more cash to pay for The Beast and bad beat competitions.

Once the changes take place, $0.25 will be the maximum fee taken off for every stake level. This amount will be taken from the Beast tables and a portion will go toward the Cash Race and a portion will go towards the Tournament Race. The site will then host a point’s race and the jackpot will be awarded at the end of the month to the top players.