Sands Casino Operator Wants Stricter Punishment for Underage Gambling

We all know that there are age limits to everything. From smoking and drinking to gambling, there is a certain age you have to be to be able to legally do these things. However, there are young people who try to get by with breaking the rules and will try to enter and gambling at a casino despite the rules. This can get the gambling facilities in major trouble and heavy fines must be paid. A Pennsylvania casino owner would like to see the punishment for underage gambling be made much stricter so that young people will not try to enter the casinos.

A report by the Morning Call states the the President of the Sands Casino-Resort Bethlehem located in Pennsylvania wants to see the level of punishment for underage gambling to be increased. The president is asking for a suspension of drivers license for those who enter any Pennsylvania casino that are underage.

The casino has already had to pay $56,000 just this year as four different instances of underage gambling took place. The casino is trying their best to keep the kids from the gaming floor but they are somehow slipping through.
Anyone caught currently in one of the twelve Pennsylvania casinos underage can face a small fine, but that’s it. While the casino faces huge fines for the young people’s actions. Robert DeSalvio, the President of the Sands, commented during a recent licensing hearing:

“It’s a technology arms race and the fakes are getting better. i think for a first offense, a person should lose their license for a year. i think that would be an excellent deterrent…i know we’ve had to pay our penalties in the form of fines. But i’m frustrated that our security staff has to constantly keep up with fraudulent IDs, fake IDs and IDs from brothers, nephews and cousins.”