PokerStars Announces Conduct Rules

pssiPokerStars is known as a top provider of online poker game play across the globe. The site is the leader in quality gaming and want to ensure the company maintains a quality reputation. Because of this, the site has recently announced a conduct ruling that has been in place for some time. The site has confirmed that players who act poorly during online game play can also be banned from live events.

PokerStars hosts many live events each year as part of various poker tours including the European Poker Tour. Michael Josem is the PokerStars Head of Public Relations and he recently commented on this ruling at TwoPlusTwo. Josem stated that the conduct rule has been in effect for some time now. Players can be banned from live events as pertaining to their actions in online game play.

Josem stated that both the European Poker Tour and the site have agreed that online activity information should be used to uphold the integrity of live events. The site plans on releasing more information on this policy as regards to what the site does, how they do it and why they choose this direction.

PokerStars made the announcement as a response to a petition on TwoPlusTwo that was asking PokerStars to do more about online poker cheating. Players want to see stronger action taken against those who cheat and the majority of players want to see banning take place in both online and live game play.

PokerStars also has a blacklist that they share with Full Tilt Poker to keep corrupt players from game play. Players who are banned from game play or who choose to be self-excluded will not be able to take part in gaming at either site. PokerStars strives to take the appropriate measures to remain responsible and keep the integrity of the game intact.