Underage Gambling Fine Under Consideration in Maryland

Underage gambling is not accepted anywhere in the United States, yet young people under the age of twenty one continue to try and beat the system. Many casinos have paid the price for underage gambling activity when young people ease their way in to the casino, drink and gamble. The state of Maryland is now considering a penalty for those who are caught in the act.

The state may soon impose penalties for anyone who is caught gambling while underage. The casinos in the state would see charges brought against anyone who makes it through security and is underage. A proposed law would see a first time offender facing a fine of as much as $100. A second time offender would pay as much as $500 while a third offense would be issued a fine of $1,000. The third time offenders would also have to participate in a gambling addiction treatment program.

The Maryland State Lottery as well as the Gaming Control Agency of the state reported that 47 violations took place last year and this resulted in a total of $30,000 in fines for local casinos. The law change would help to punish those who try to gamble underage and possibly keep others from trying the same activity.

There are now two bills under consideration in the state that would help to thwart underage gamblers. The casinos are asking for help and this legislation will help to keep young people from entering the casinos without being punished. The state will soon have two additional casinos and this type of legislation will be very important. Of course the casinos must pay for allowing underage gambling but they also need to have securities in place to keep young people from trying to get through security. It will be interesting to see if the legislation is passed and how it is enforced if made legal.