Online Poker Gaining Ground in Delaware

Of the past few months, the state of Delaware has been seriously lagging when it comes to online poker gaming. The state offers both online poker and casino game play and has done so since late last year. However, the state did not market their gaming well and when compared to Nevada and New Jersey, the state just didn’t cut it with online poker game play. However, for the month of March, the state was able to pull out and rebound in earnings after seeing a decline in revenues for two months straight.

The state has three licensed racinos that offer online gaming and as of March, the poker option was up 14%. Just over $84,000 was earned, which is a nice growth. However, when compared to their counterparts, for example, New Jersey, the revenues are staggering. New Jersey was able to earn $3.2 million in the same time frame. However, the state does have more population numbers, around 10 times more.

When it comes to the state of Delaware, the Delaware Park racino has the majority of the revenues for online poker with 65%. Dover Downs and Harrington come in second and third with 25% and 9% of the revenues.

When speaking of table games, the state has seen the revenues double for the second month in a row. Almost $4.8 million was wagered during the time frame and in February the amount was at the $2 million mark while January was only at the $1 million mark. The players in the state clearly enjoy the online casino gaming options more than the poker gaming.

The state does continue to see new players signing up for game play but there has been a big slow down with how many players are signing up. For the past few months, the state has seen a significant decline in the number of player signups.