Broadcast Schedule Released for WPT Season XIV

If poker players cannot participate in a poker game, the next best thing is watching poker gaming. The World Poker Tour offers premium poker gaming and for players who can’t participate, there is the option to watch the gaming footage. The Season XIV of the World Poker Tour will begin to air this February, starting on the 28th. Episodes are set to air at 8pm ET and will appear on the Fox Sports Network. The programs will also re-air on FSN and FS2.

The Fox Sports Network will be broadcasting nine stops on the World Poker Tour, with each stop split into three episodes. The first event to be featured on television will be the WPT Choctaw. This series stop is featured at the Choctaw Casino Resort which is located in Durant, Oklahoma. Most events that will be broadcast have already finished up but there are three that still remain to be played.

The commentators for on-air of the WPT season will be Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten with Lynn Gilmartin also serving as an anchor. The programming of the WPT is always a big hit as players love to be able to watch the action as it unfolds. The programming has continued to evolve to offer a better viewing experience for those at home.

The first three episodes will be from the Choctaw Casino Resort with the Bicycle Hotel & Casino to be featured next. The schedule will continue to offer poker programming from February until August when the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions is aired, the big event of the tour which takes place at the Seminole Hard Rock.

Be sure to tune in in just a few days to see the programming from start to finish. Catch the initial airings on Fox Sports Network or when the episodes replay on FSN or FS2.