Revel Casino to be rebranded; Set for 2017 Opening

The Revel Casino of Atlantic City closed back in 2014 after being in business for only two years. The property was never able to turn a profit even though it was the most expensive casino to be created in the history of Atlantic City. The venue was taken over by Glenn Straub, a developer of real estate based in Florida, who has finally decided to reopen the venue, with an opening date sometime next year.

The venue will now be known as TEN and will be unveiled sometime in early 2017. According to the Press of Atlantic City, Straub made the announcement of the changes and opening date range via his Polo Country Club North company before a hearing was set to take place on proposed changes to the facility.

CEO of TEN, Robert Landino, stated that the venue is what is next for Atlantic City. TEN is thrilled to share their brand with the public and to be able to introduce a new era of resort and entertainment to the region. The TEN brand combined with the infinity logo is representative of the mission of the company to provide the highest-rated amenities as well as a daily endeavor to provide an infinitely perfect escape for guests.

Straub purchased the casino last year in April for around $82 million. The venue cost $2.4 billion to create. Several times Straub has said he was going to walk away from the project, having come up with many ideas on what the building should be. Such ideas included a home for refugees as well as a university.

For now, it seems the venue will be a place for entertainment but will not include gaming such as slot machines or table games. The property was set to open this past June but those plans did not come to fruition.