How to Excel at Multi-Tabling in Poker

Multi-tabling is key to making a large, consistent sum of money at online poker. This is especially true for the micro and small stakes players.

For example, if you average $2 per sit and go you play, and can play 1 tournament per hour, you cannot make a living. In an 8 hour day you’d earn $16 (on average).

But what if you could play 5 tables at once? Then you could average $10 per hour, rivaling a job at Mickey D’s in most states. 10 tables? Now you can make $20 per hour, which is livable.

Get the point?

However, multi-tabling profitably takes time and practice. So I thought I’d share a few tips on what you shouldn’t can do to get to profitability fast.

Want to Get Super Good at Multi-Tabling? Try These 10 Things….

1. Turn on your TV, instant messenger, cell phone, etc.

This is a great tip. Want to miss important hands and reads, and possibly time out altogether?

Just turn on your TV.

I guarantee that this weeks episode of The Following or Shark Tank is much better than possibly winning today’s session or a Sunday major. Who needs money? Easily entertained FTW.

2. Add as many tables as you can, as quickly as you can.

Why ease yourself into multi-tabling? Start with 4 tables and add 1 or 2 at a time?


I recommend going all out. If you can load up 24 tables then do so. You’ll figure it out. In the meantime your hourly rate is going to skyrocket with so many tables going. Who the hell cares if you’re just clicking buttons to avoid timing out?!

3. Ignore multi-tabling tools and software.

If you truly want to get good at multi-tabling, and make as much money as humanly possible, then it’s imperative that you ignore all tools and software that make the process easier.

That means…

  • No auto-hotkey software. Just use your mouse — that’s what it’s there for.
  • No 4-color deck. Mistaking clubs for spades? That’s ok, all the pros do it (link to phil ivey video).
  • No simple themes. Find the most flashy background possible. Brownie points if it induces seizures.
  • No sitting in the same seat. On each table you should be in a different seat. Kind of like playing Where’s Waldo (Score! Two games in one).

4. Don’t bother taking notes.

What are we doing here; are we playing poker or grocery shopping? Leave the notes and lists to your mom or wife.

What are you going to write down anyway? That some reg spite calls with 44 on the bubble, or that this guy in EP loves to check-raise every hand he has initiative in?

Meh. My mind is a steel trap, I’ll figure it out as I go. Your mind should be a steel trap, too.

5. Play dominated hands out of position.

You know what’s fun?

Having 5, 10 or even 20 tables beeping at you, reminding you to act, all at the same time.

You: Yippee! How do I do that?

Play every questionable pair, suited connector and ace possible. Preferably out of position. That way you have to play a flop on every single table (where hopefully you hit that weak ace).

6. You should review hand histories…..

…. because we clearly do everything right, and want to remind ourselves of it. In fact, I recommend recording your review while sharing your thoughts, then uploading it to your favorite forum. Then go brag to everyone what a badass you are.

7. Use different table layouts.

One of the best ways to improve at multi-tabling is to use different table layouts every session. That way every session is a guess. An adventure, if you will.

So one session you’ll tile your tables. The next you’ll cascade them, then stack them. Rotate every day you play, and you too, can become a multi-tabling master.

8. After you finish each game, stop, and take a break. Then start again.

The path of least resistance to ensuring that all of your time is spent in front of your computer playing poker, is to start a couple of games, then take a short *cough* beer *cough* break. Then load up a couple more tables. Rinse, then repeat.

9. Use as many monitors as possible.

Poker isn’t fun unless it’s challenging, right?! What’s more challenging than having 4 or 5 monitors for all of your tables, especially if you have one screen mounted on your ceiling, another on your desktop and the rest on the floor.

10. No exercise. No sleep. No food. No bathroom.

You’re no wuss. You’re a multi-tabling mega-master. You don’t need exercise, sleep, food or bathroom breaks.