NoIQ Poker Review

  • Bonus CodeREDUCTION
  • Sign-up Bonus100% up to $600
  • Rake Calc MethodContributed
  • Bonuses DeductedNo
  • Tournament Fees IncludedYes
  • Rakeback PaymentsMonthly
  • Rakeback30%
  • NetworkEntraction
  • Max TablesUnlimited
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NoIQ Summary


“To be ELIGIBLE for DAILY rakeback cashouts and applicable freerolls, rake races and rake chases you must open a NEW poker account and not have a current one on the software you download today. EXISTING accounts are NOT eligible for rakeback through, nor are they eligible for any monthly freerolls and other promotional offers our site has to offer. Multiple accounts ARE NOT allowed through RakeMonkey – so please be aware of this when you want to sign up for one of our great poker sites. “

In 2006 NoIQ poker was newly introduced on the iPoker Network, a brand new poker room, in a bit shaky time for the gambling industry.

The poker room held on, growing stronger, and attracting a solid player base. In 2008 the room left the iPoker Network and moved on, becoming a part of the Entraction Poker Network.

The room now offers flashy high stakes poker games, and spectacular bonuses, such as their 100% bonus, up to 5000 Euros. Now THAT is a lot of loot!

There is something you won’t find at NoIQ though. You won’t find rakeback at NoIQ poker. However, if you actually DO have a bit of an IQ (Pun intended) you already know that you’ll find that rake here at RakeMonkey.

Not only do we offer a great NoIQ rakeback deal, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive NoIQ bonus deals as well.

NoIQ Poker Rakeback

Let’s look a bit closer into the NoIQ Rakeback program. For starters, as we’ve mentioned NoIQ pays players 30% of their rake back using the Contributed Rakeback calculation method, if you’re not sure what that is exactly, check out our section on Rakeback Calculation.

In short, Contributed Rakeback means that the rake is paid to everyone that put money into the pot, in equal shares.

NoIQ Tournament Rebates

An important factor to take into consideration when choosing a rakeback deal are tournament fee’s. Not all poker rooms pay rakeback on tournament fee’s. NoIQ does however pay about 30% of your entry fee into both sit n go tournaments and multi-table style tournaments.

Those fee’s add up when you’re grinding out 20-40 poker tournaments a day. For instance, if you pay $1 in tournament fee’s, you get back 30% of that money, so $.30. Multiply that .30 by 20 tournaments a day and you have a whopping six bucks in saved tournament fee’s. You’re impressed aren’t you? Now take that six bucks, multiply it by five days a week and you have $30.

Multiply that $30 that you saved in rake in one week by the 52 weeks in a year and you’ve added $1560 back into your poker bankroll.

Now use that money to move up in stakes a touch, and before you know it, you’re not paying $1.00 tournament fee’s anymore.

NoIQ Rakeback Payments

Your rakeback payments from NoIQ will arrive once each month, usually right around the 5th of the month. The payment will be dropped right into your NoIQ poker player account where you are also able to view your rakeback totals each day.

Bonuses are yours to keep at NoIQ

Take full advantage of that welcome bonus, because unlike many online poker rooms, NoIQ does not deduct bonus monies from rakeback payments.

Paying Rake at NoIQ

So we’ve established that you are to receive 30% of your contributed rakeback into your NoIQ account on a monthly basis, but just how many bananas are we talking about here?

NoIQ charges 5% of each pot back in rake. Which is pretty much considered standard online poker rake. The rake in No Limit games is capped at $3 per hand no matter what stakes level is being played.

If you’re playing a fixed limit, or spread game with two to three players the rake is capped at seventy-five cents (.75).

When playing at limit table with 4-10 players at NoIQ the rake is capped at $2 with the exception of the .50 and $1 limit games which are capped at $1.00.

There are some adjustments made at the No Limit and Pot Limit tables as well, much as would be allowed by request at a casino.

At tables with only 2 players, the rake is capped at .75. If the table has from 3-4 players, the rake is reduced to $2 cap per hand. Of course, with 5 to 10 players in a hand the rake returns to the normal cap level of $3 per hand.

NoIQ Software – Rakeback on a Mac

NoIQ is now run on the Entraction Poker interface by the Entraction Poker Network and has been since 2008.

New this year, NoIQ also released a Mac version of the software, ran on flash, as opposed to the afore download only version.

NoIQ Poker Game Variety

NoIQ offers a game selection that puts even PokerStars to shame. There is of course Texas Holdem, Omaha, Hi-Lo, Stud, and Stud Hi-Lo on offer, additionally however, NoIQ players are treated to Triple 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, 32 Card Draw, Soko, Americana, and Telesina. .

NoIQ Poker Deposit Methods

Deposit to your NoIQ poker account using any of the following poker deposit methods: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Moneybookers, NETeller, WebMoney, PaySafeCard and Bank Transfer.