Rakeback Quickly Explained For Noobs

Rakeback Defined and Explained – FINALLY

Poker rakeback is a special deal in which poker players get back a percentage of the rake they pay to poker sites every month. Many poker players don’t realize it but rake takes a significant chunk out of their earnings every month. With a rakeback deal, you get a piece of that rake sent back to you every month.

It works like this: say you have a 30% rakeback deal at some poker site. If you pay a total of $1,000 in rake during a single month, you would receive $300 in rakeback for that month. Whether you play poker seriously or as an amateur, rakeback deals provide you with extra money that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Why Poker Sites Offer Rakeback

Poker sites offer rakeback because it increases player satisfaction and attracts many new players. Even though those rakeback payments reduce profits for the poker sites and their affiliates, the large volume of players more than makes up for the lower profit margin. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Benefits of Rakeback

The nice thing about rakeback is that even though it derives from money you have already paid to the poker site, it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything to deserve this money. You probably barely notice the rake you pay right now because it comes out in such small amounts at a time, and you only pay it when you win a pot. If you’re used to playing without a rakeback deal, it’s going to feel like free money.

Another nice thing about rakeback is that it doesn’t depend upon you being a winning poker player. No matter how much money you win or lose, you still pay rake to poker sites. You can be the world’s biggest winner or biggest loser; you’re going to get your rakeback payments like clockwork every single month.

Drawbacks of Rakeback

There are no drawbacks to rakeback. Rakeback isn’t some sort of get-money-for-nothing scheme. The rakeback payments you get every month come from money you actually pay to that poker site. It just doesn’t feel like because those payments you make come out in small chunks at a time while your rakeback is returned to you in one big chunk at the end of the month.

How to Get Rakeback

You can get a rakeback deal by signing up at any of the poker sites at which we offer rakeback deals. Each poker site listed here has its own page that you can visit for step by step instructions for signing up for rakeback. Basically, the process includes clicking on a special link to visit the poker site, using a special bonus code and then e-mailing us with your username. You can find more details at each site-specific page.

In most cases, you need to sign up at a poker site where you don’t already have an account. Most poker sites are strict on not allowing existing players to switch to rakeback. Sometimes we can manage to convert existing accounts so send us an e-mail if you ever have any questions.