Muchos Poker Review

  • Bonus CodeN/A
  • Sign-up Bonus€1,000
  • Rake Calc MethodVaries
  • Tournament Fees IncludedYes
  • Rakeback40%
  • NetworkMuchos Poker
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Muchos Poker is a brand new concept in online poker and even though it might take a while to get your head around, it’s worth understanding how it works. Instead of being a poker client in and of itself, Muchos acts as an intermediary between you, the player, and several different online poker sites, essentially acting as your wallet and letting you put money on and take money off of the sites very easily.

You start by downloading the Muchos app from their website and after installing it you’ll be prompted to sign up for a Muchos account within the application. From there Muchos will create accounts at all of the poker sites it supports for you. Also from within the app, you’ll be able to download and install all of the Muchos poker supported clients.

When you have installed the clients and your accounts are set up, you’ll be able to transfer money between them in a matter of minutes through the Muchos transfer facility as shown in the screenshot, and have the freedom to play at any of the 9 supported networks whenever you choose.

Muchos Poker Supported Rooms

Muchos Poker have access to no fewer than 9 different poker rooms through one central cashier, so that means no more long waits for withdrawals. You can take money out of one site and begin playing with it at another in a matter of minutes. Muchos works with both tiers of the iPoker network through Dafa Poker and Poker770. It should be noted that the addition of Betfair players will make iPoker more attractive to play on.

You can also play at 888poker, Ongame (via Goalwin), Revolution Gaming, Enet, Merge (via Bulldog777), Instadeal and Boss Media (via PokerHeaven). Big sites like iPoker, 888, and Ongame will have lots of traffic meaning you’ll have access to lots of games day and night, but having an account at small networks like Enet and Merge is also very beneficial.

The games on these smaller networks tend to be much softer than the well known sites and being able to dip in and out and see what the games are like without having to commit a part of your bankroll for a few days is a great advantage.

If you feel like a break from poker, Muchos also supports a Casino which can be accessed straight from within the Muchos app on your desktop, and you also have the ability to bet on sports through 888sport which also opens in the Muchos app.

Deposit Bonus and VIP Scheme

Normally when you sign up to a new poker site you get a single first deposit bonus. At Muchos Poker, however, you get a  deposit bonus up to €1000 for all of the poker rooms they support! This equates to thousands worth of bonuses through a single cashier.

The bonus is earned through real money play at your chosen site and will be credited to your Muchos account in €15-30 increments as you earn player points.

In terms of rewards after your deposit bonus:

At 888 Poker you can earn up to 36% cashback and participate in Muchos Poker freerolls.

At Boss Media you’ll get 30% rakeback straight into your Muchos account as well as having access to Muchos rake races.

At Instadeal you’ll get the equivalent of 30% rake back.

At Revolution Gaming you’ll get the equivalent of 36% rakeback as well as other network promotions.

At Ongame the Goalwin loyalty program is worth 40% rakeback and there are two monthly $5,000 rake races.

Most of the rewards are managed through ‘Muchos Points’, which you accrue through real money play. These can be spent in the Muchos Shop where you can buy cash rewards and merchandise. You can also use them to buy coaching sessions with top online poker coaches like Leatherass and Jared Tendler.

Muchos Poker Account Security and Support

With so many financial transactions going on, you want to be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company that takes security seriously. When you sign up at Muchos you’ll have to send them proof of ID and address under the ‘Know Your Customer’ laws, which helps protect against fraud.

All of their transactions are protected using Secure Sockets Layer technology which means that both your information and your money are being transferred safely. Muchos are licensed and incorporated in Curacao and their gaming license validation can be seen here.

In terms of support, they offer you the peace of mind of having live support and they are online from 7:00 to 24:00 GMT every day. Some might argue that they could start and finish a bit later to be better aligned with the playing schedules of their primarily European player base.

Nonetheless their support team is knowledgable and quick to respond and they can be of great help as things sometimes get a little confusing with so many networks, deposit bonuses and VIP schemes all having to mesh together seamlessly.