Borgata Cocktail Waitresses Lose Law Suit

Twenty two cocktail waitresses of the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa filed a law suit some time ago against the casino and it was recently announced that the girls lost the suit. The women involved in the case claimed that the dress code for servers was humiliating and was basically crazy, stating they would not gain more than seven percent in weight from the amount they were hired in at. Superior Court Judge Nelson Johnson found the case had no merit as the casino policy, in his opinion does not meet sexual discrimination charges.

The women had a very big problem with the weight gain issue. Many stated they were told to take laxatives to meet the weight standards before the weigh in or to stop taking any medication which could cause weight gain. The women also stated they were treated unfairly and commonly asked about their weight, even in a negative light.

However, despite these claims, Judge Johnson rules that if the title of your position has the term ‘babe’ which these woman are tagged the ‘Borgata Babes’, then it is not unreasonable or the employer to set certain standards including weight requirements. Johnson stated:

“The Borgata Babe program has a sufficient level of trapping and adornments to render its participants akin to ‘sex objects’ to the Borgata’s patrons. Nevertheless, for the individual labeled a babe to become a sex object requires that person’s participation. Plaintiffs cannot shed the label babe; they embraced it when they went to work for the Borgata.”

Those listed in the ‘Borgata Babe’ lawsuit are undoubtedly not happy with the ruling but the Judge has made his decision. The standards still stand and any women who wishes to be a ‘babe’ will have to adhere to these standards.