New Poker Show Casting Additional Players

Poker players who have dreamed of competing on television will be excited to hear that a new poker show will be filming very soon and they are still in need of additional poker players. Nolan Dalla was recently named as the Creative Director of the new television show Poker Night in America. The show has yet to begin filming and is still looking for players to bring added character to the show.

The Poker Night in America show will be filming the Empire State Poker Classic main event as part of their launch. However, the new show will not only film live major events but also private events. The television show is planning on hosting a private game that will be cash only and will be for poker pros as well as the additional players the show choses to compete.

Dalla released a press release yesterday stating that the show is hosting an open casting call and are currently taking applications for those who are interested. The new show has already lined up the poker pros but want a few more players, ‘characters’ they are calling them. Dalla does not want players who wear sunglasses or listen to music while they play. He wants outgoing people, probably someone who will stir the pot so to speak.

The players chosen will be flown to New York to compete in the private cash game. However, the players who are chosen must be willing to buy-in to the event, which will have a buy-in of no less than $5,000. Players will be able to buy-in as high as $20,000. The additional players will be able to buy-in with whatever amount they want and Dalla has made it clear this is not a free ride. Interesting players are a must and it will be exciting to see who the show chooses to take on the pros!