Huge Powerball Jackpot Hit; Players Yet to be Revealed

We all dream of hitting a huge jackpot while playing the lottery, I mean it’s why we play the lottery! We all want to be the big winner, purchase a fancy car and new home and then never work a day again in our lives. But odds are, we will never win the lottery. However if the odds are in your favor you may be a big winner one day. The Powerball recently offered up a huge jackpot of $448 million and just last night, three winners managed to earn the top prize!

Reuters reported that the winning tickets were reported to be from New Jersey and Minnesota. New Jersey claiming two winners. The winning numbers drawn were 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and a Powerball of 32. The Multi-State Lottery Association announced the amount of winners for the drawing but has not seen anyone come out to claim the prize.

The jackpot was sitting at $400 million and then moved to $425 and then $448 before the drawing took place last night. Players were hungry to earn the jackpot prize and continued to buy ticket after ticket which drove the amount to win up my several million. According to lottery officials, the odds of winning the jackpot were one out of 175.2 million.

The largest jackpot to ever take place was back in 2012 and a $656 million prize was won by three people. $448 million may be much smaller but is no small prize. The players who won this prize must now come forward and claim the win. The winners will be able to decide if they want the lump sum payment or if they will take the annuity payments. Over the coming days the winners are sure to come forward and see their lives change forever.