Update on US Poker Gaming Options

At RakeMonkey, we work hard to stay up to date on all of the latest developments when it comes to poker in the United States. Laws are constantly changing and more news comes out every single day. For this week, we have learned that new Full Tilt Poker repayment process news is expected to be launched this week and a new free-play site is now available in several areas of the US.

Starting with Full Tilt, the Garden City Group recently spoke with news source Pokerfuse to state that a launch date is expected to be announced this week for the repayment process. The review period of the repayment process is now completed and a spokesperson told Pokerfuse yesterday: “The claims process will begin shortly. At this time we cannot provide a specific date, but expect to be able to provide a launch date by the end of the week.”

Players have been anxiously awaiting the repayment of their funds from FTP and hopefully the announcement will include a date that is acceptable after all this time. Time frames as long as two years from now have been thrown around in the past.

In other news, a new subscription poker site has been launched for players in over half of the US to enjoy. The new site, LiveAce, is now available to players in thirty one states. Online poker can be enjoyed and there is no cost to players. Prizes include monetary items as well as cash. To participate, players will need to purchase a membership or purchase chips for cash.

The room offers players the option of buying in to games for free and then players can use their ‘winnings’ to bid on prizes during daily auctions. The site will offer Limit Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.