Poker Game Leads to Unexpected Stabbing

Poker players are usually serious about the game. When one sits down at the felt, it’s game on. Players focus and try to read their competitors to be able to get a feel as to how they should progress in game play. Poker is a fun game but one that players do take very seriously. Some may take the game a little too seriously and when this happens, it is never good. A recent story out of India proves just how crazy it can get when you take the game a little too seriously.

Two men were partaking in a home poker game in North Delhi, India just a few days ago when things really got out of hand. One man was stabbed to death after he got into a fight with a friend over the amount of cash in the poker pot. There were $2.90 in the pot and the players got into a heated argument, so much so that one player was stabbed and died.

According to a police officer on the scene, the victim was drinking and playing cards with friends. An argument broke out over who the cash and the attacker when to the kitchen and got a knife and then repeatedly stabbed the victim. The victim was stabbed several times in the abdomen and chest area before he was taken to the hospital.

Sadly the victim was pronounced dead from the wounds inflicted. This is just one crazy story as to how poker can be taken too seriously, especially when money is involved. Add drinking into the mix and you get a stabbing with one person dead and another facing serious penalty for his actions.  The group has now lost two friends over a measly $2.90 after a round of drinking.