Weekend Deadline for FTP Claim Filing

For months now players have been working through the repayment process at Full Tilt Poker. Former players from the US who were involved with Full Tilt and had their funds frozen have now been filing claims with the Garden City Group to be repaid. Players now have until this weekend to file their claim before the deadline.

The deadline set by the Garden City Group is for November 16th , which is this Saturday, and players must make their claim before this date. Back in September, the company was hired by the Department of Justice to be able to facilitate the repayment process. The group first started by reviewing the data and then began to make different announcements, explaining the process to players and how they need to go about filing.

According to the Garden City Group, there were over 1.4 million emails sent out to former Full Tilt Players to try and complete the remission process. Poker Players Alliance has kept track of the progress of the remission process and according to the group, close to 35,000 petitions were filed as of now.

Payouts should be taking place in 2014, during the first part of the year. The Garden City Group will now need to review the claims and see if the information given by players lines up with the information that they have on file. This may take some time, but the projected repayment process should take place in the first quarter of next year.

This has been a very long process, first beginning in April of 2011. It seems as though the process may official by over by 2014, which could be three years after the process began. Players are surely ready to receive their money after having it hold for so much time. We will continue to follow this process and see if and when players will be paid the money that is rightfully theirs.