Cabbie Finds and Returns $300,000 to Poker Player

Cab drivers often find belongings that have been left behind by passengers, especially in larger cities. Gerado Gamboa has worked as a cab driver in Las Vegas for many years and has found many different items left behind. Earlier this week, the cab driver found the most expensive item ever. $300,000 was left behind in his cab, in a discreet brown paper bag.

Gamboa was picking up a hotel doorman at the Bellagio, who he usually picks up, this past Monday when the doorman handed him a paper bag which was left in the back. The doorman figured the item was chocolate and thought he might be able to take some to his wife. However as the cab drivers curiosity got the better of him, he realized the item was not chocolate but a large sum of money!

Gamboa found six stacks of $100 bills which totaled $300,000! The cab driver could not believe the amount of money in the bag. He then began to think back as to who the money could belong to. He remembers dropping off a passenger at Palms Place and earned a $5 tip. He did not notice the paper bag until later that morning.

Someone showed up at the cab company of Gamboa, Yellow Checker Star, to claim the cash, but it was not the same person the casino had on file as a recent winner of $300,000. The cab company asked the police for help to make sure the cash was given back to the rightful owner. The police and the casino were able to find the rightful owner and the cash was quickly returned.

Gamboa never thought once about taking the cash. The cab driver stated that even though he is a poor guy, he does not need money that does not belong to him.