International Olympic Committee and Nevada Form Partnership

The Olympics are back in action this year and are set to take place in Russia. As with every Olympic season, there is fear of cheating. Officials are afraid that participants or officials of the events will cheat for a financial gain. This is why committees are formed to combat this issue. This year, the Olympic Committee has requested the help of gaming regulators in the state of Nevada to help stop cheating during this year’s games.

Both groups will work together to provide information to stop any cheating from taking place. The partnership between the two groups will help to maintain the integrity of sports. The Olympic Committee wants to keep manipulation of the games at bay and stop any unfair winnings.

Sports books located in the state of Nevada will be able to provide wagering on the games this year and will work hard to provide information to the committee which can be used to stop manipulations. . Shawn Reid is a member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and he stated that the board is honored to be working with the International Olympic Committee to combat irregular and illegal wagering on sports. Reid also stated that Nevada is held in high regard on a global scale of their gaming regulations.

The International Olympic Committee is also happy to be working with the state of Nevada. The information shared with the committee will be used to help create the Integrity Betting, Intelligence System. This system will be used for the first time this year and will collate alerts and information of manipulation of wagers on particular sports.

The IOC would like to see clean sports and protect the competitions, especially the events that pertain to wagering. The IOC ispleased to have come to agreements with Nevada and have the ability to build on what they started back in 2012 during the London Olympics.