US Poker Players to Receive FTP Funds – FINALLY!

For years now, former Full Tilt Poker players in the US have been waiting to receive the cash that was frozen in their online poker accounts. The Poker Players Alliance is now reporting that 30,000 players will now receive payment after the DOJ approved the release of funds totaling $82 million.

The Garden City Group took the petitions of players and after the audit was completed, the Department of Justice was happy with the results and decided to release the funds for payment. The Executive Director of the PPA, John Pappas, released the information on popular poker forum TwoPlusTwo just a few days ago.

Pappas stated that this is good news and he was informed by the AFMLS/DoJ staff that 30,000 undisputed player claims would be paid for a total of $82 million in remissions. Garden City was expected to make a formal announcement as well. Players who have an undisputed claim should expect communication from Garden City Group via an email. The email will list instructions on how to receive payment.

The DOJ did not inform Pappas with a date for when the email would be sent as well as when payment would be processed. Pappas did state that it looks like this process will take place before the deadline set previously at March 31st.

The Executive Director did state that affiliates and pro repayments are still unresolved. Apparently the DOJ and Garden City Group are working on this and Pappas believes that news would be shared with this group soon. Reports state that a new filing window will be set for these players in this particular group.

Players are certainly ready for repayment and hopefully money will be back in the right hands before long. It will be interesting to see how the process for affiliates and pros will play out.  Hopefully players getting their long awaited funds will practice proper bankroll management going forward!