Online Casino Websites Back Online After Hack Job

On the 11th of this month the websites for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation were under attack. The websites showed various pictures of Sheldon Adelson with the leader of Israel and had pointed remarks towards the owner in a negative light. Even information of employees such as social security numbers and email addresses were listed during the hacking. Once the Sands discovered the hack job, the online sites for the company were shut down.

It took several days before the sites would go back online and get things back to normal. In the between, a video was placed on YouTube by the hackers but has since been taken down. According to investigation reports, the hackers were able to reach the internal drives of the company to access the information about the employees from documents and spreadsheets.

Investigators have seen the YouTube video and are continuing to investigate the matter. They are trying to find if any customer data or employee data was compromised as part of the computer hacking. The FBI as well as the Secret Service are working on the case. No one has come forward as of yet to claim their part in the debacle but the hackers have named themselves the Anti WMD Team.

This incident seems to stem from when Adelson visited the Yeshiva University located in New York and was a speaker at the University. It was during his speech that Adelson suggested that Iran be bombed by the United States and during the hacking, words were used that seemed to be angry about Adelson’s speech.

The sites are now back up and running and the investigation continues. It will be interesting to see if the hackers are revealed or if they come forward and discuss why they decided to mess with several Las Vegas casino websites.