Online Casino Website Hacking Investigation Shows Further Damage

The Sands websites were under attack just a few days ago thanks to remarks made by Sheldon Adelson on foreign affairs. The hackers were able to gain entry into the websites and post information of employees of the company such as email and contact information. The websites were shut down for several days before the damage was reversed.

A video was uploaded to YouTube which showed the damage done to the websites, which was posted by the hackers. The video was posted by the Anti WMD team and showed several administrator passwords such as slot machine systems, player information and more. The internal networks were also compromised during the hack.

Ron Reese, a spokesman for the company, stated that the investigation showed that the hackers had reached the internal drives of the company and were able to see information of office productivity which is comprised of documents and spreadsheets. Employee data may have also been compromised during the hacking.

The Sands Company was unaware of any additional data being seen by the hackers until the video was placed on YouTube by the Anti WMD Team. The attack first started last Monday when the hackers made the company email accounts unusable. The very next day the hackers were able to get into the websites and change the look of the site, showing personal information of employees.

Investigators believe the hackers used the site to be able to start the attack on the gambling company. Bethlehem seems to be the access point and it is unclear though how the hackers were able to gain access to the other sites from the Bethlehem site.

The attack seems to be a result of comments that Adelson made during a speech in New York. Adelson state that the US should bomb Iran to end the Nuclear ambitions of the country.