Possible Shot Clock Coming to World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is a tournament series that travels the world to host highly anticipated poker gaming. Pros from across the globe attend the various events in the hopes of gaining a World Poker Tour title. The WPT has now polled players to see how they would feel about a new addition to the tournament rules. Players have been asked if they would be alright with adding a shot clock to game play.

During the LA Poker Classic Main Event, players were asked if they would like to see a shot clock added to game play during the next season. Marvin Rettenmaier provided information about the poll which stated how the shot clock would work.

Players would have only thirty seconds to decide how to play a hand. After the thirty second time frame is up, the player would have their hand claimed dead. Players would be given time buttons that would give an additional sixty seconds so that decisions can be made with a longer time frame. These buttons can be used individually or in combination with others.

Players were able to say Yes or No to the questions and then they could decide when the shot clock could be used. Players were asked if a shot clock should be used in the money, at the final three tables or at the final table.

Adam Pliska is the President of the WPT and he spoke with Poker News and stated that the World Poker Tour continues to try and find new ways to improve the overall tournament experience for players. Pliska along with others associated with WPT have considered adding a shot clock in a limited capacity and wanted to know the players reactions to this possible addition. Player feedback can always be helpful in determining if an addition is a good one.