Full Tilt Repayments to Begin Today

Full Tilt PokerEarlier this week, the Garden City Group announced that the Full Tilt Poker reimbursement process should begin for some players today. The claims administrator updated the Full Tilt Poker Claims site to tell players that if they had passed the bank testing phase, payments would begin starting today.

ACH deposits should begin today for those who had correct paperwork and an undisputed claim. The Garden City Group will begin to pay the payments in which the information they had and what players turned in was correct. Players have been without their funds since mid-2011 and have been waiting for this day for some time.

Players who had sent in information that was incorrect or incomplete should have received an email from the Garden City Group. The email listed what players needed to do to update bank account info to compete the process. If the updated information is not received by the 13th of March, the GCG will be sending a check to the mailing address the have on file for the player. These players should receive their payment via bank account, if the new info is sent in, during the second go round of payments.

It was just this past January that the Garden City Group approved to pay back some $82 million to former players of Full Tilt Poker in the US. Close to 30,000 players had their balance withheld back in April of 2011.

Though the $82 million is quite large, this is not even half of what players were originally due after the site was shut down in the United States. Players have had to put up with a great deal and the whole ordeal grew quite tiresome some time ago. Hopefully, the payments will run smoothly and players will be reunited quickly with their long lost funds.