US Market to Grow According to Ultimate Poker Chairman

file4741238088930A recent Pokerfuse report points out that Ultimate Poker has created a video series featured on YouTube with videos created by Tom Breitling the Chairman of the company. The videos cover a variety of topics but one of the most recent releases has gained quite a bit of views based on the content. The video titled Lessons Learned—Market Size, covers the US market for online gambling and how Breitling believes the industry’s potential will be emerging soon.

In the video, Breitling states that Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are only a representation of about 4% of the population in the US. Breitling stated that ‘most of us believe all Americans should be protected and have a chance to play the games they love’. The UP Chairman then stated that 91% of adults in the US have a mobile phone and 2 out of 3 have visited a land based casinos so ‘these folks will soon be playing online’.

In the video, Breitling stated that a breakthrough in the market is just around the corner and education and innovation are the driving force behind breaking through the US market. However, the video did not feature any specifics of the plans of the company to ‘break through the market’.

The video also discusses the poor revenues for the first year of operation with online poker and Ultimate Poker and Breitling just dismisses the information stated that the company can be compared to Google or Amazon. In the video, the Chairman states that you have to see this in the same way you might look at the numbers with Amazon. The Amazon Company did $35,000 in revenues for the first month and $500,000 for the first year back in 1995. Then by last year, the company was earning $74.5 billion in revenues. Breitling stated that the point is that you have to start somewhere. It will be interesting to se how the company progresses for the remainder of the year and if the market sees this breakthrough in the US.