Station Casinos Shut Down Second Poker Room

file4741238088930Station Casinos Inc is an operator in Nevada that is part of the land based and online poker gaming in the state. The company has offered land based poker gaming and casino options for many years and jumped on the opportunity to offer online poker as well once iGaming was made available. While the company has their hands in several areas and seems to be doing well, they have now shut down two poker rooms over the past few months.

The first Station Casino poker room to close was the Sunset Station’s poker room which consisted of eight gaming tables. This past week, Station Casino then decided to close the Texas Station poker room which is located in the north area of Las Vegas. This poker room was also eight tables and leaves the company with only five additional poker rooms.

With five remaining poker rooms, the company is able to operate just under 80 poker tables. The closing of the two poker rooms is nothing new as poker rooms seem to be closing across the United States. There are just over 80 poker rooms available in the state currently and this is the least amount since the mid-2000s. The amount of poker rooms though does not seem to be affecting the earnings for poker in the state. Earnings for both live and online poker were up last year as compared to 2012 and should only continue to increase this year as well.

Many argue that online poker will cause a lack of brick and mortar poker gaming but the poker rooms in Nevada have suffered for years before the option was allowed last year. It will be several more months before we can see how online poker has affected the overall gambling industry in the state of Nevada, most likely 2015 before we can see a clear picture.