60 Minutes to Discuss Lawsuits with Phil Ivey

file474123808893060 Minutes is a long running CBS program that highlights top news stories and occurrences in pop culture as well as everyday life. The program has provided entertainment for decades and this weekend will feature a program on poker pro Phil Ivey. Ivey will be discussing his career as well as current legal battles where the pro is accused of cheating.

The special episode will air on October 7th and will be in interview form completed by James Brown. In the interview, Ivey will discuss edge sorting, which is the method of cheating in baccarat that the pro is accused of doing on two different occasions. Ivey will be defending his honor on the Sports section of the television series.

A teaser was released by CBS highlighting the Ivey interview and show Brown and the pro in Las Vegas during the most recent World Series of Poker. Brown asked poignant questions and Ivey was allowed to defend himself based on the cheating allegations.

Ivey decided to sue Crockfords Casino in May of last year after he was not paid $12 million he won at Punto Banco. The game is a form of baccarat and he is now fighting the casino to get paid. He also has a lawsuit with the Borgata Hotel Casino & spa in which he is being sued for $9.6 million after winning this amount at the baccarat tables. Both casinos are accusing Ivey of edge sorting and want to pro to pay the price for his actions.

Ivey and Cheng Yin Sun have been accused to taking the action to cheat the casino, which means the two spotted tiny variations in the cards printing patterns of the back to determine which cards are which. For now, Ivey will hope to regain his reputation and shed light on the subject of the lawsuits.