Poker Pro Turns Down ABC’s Wife Swap

In the poker industry, it is not uncommon to see poker players in the limelight. From television shows to televised poker games, professionals of the game find themselves on television quite often. Poker pros have found that they can create a great career by highlighting their skills on television. One poker pro was recently asked to appear on a different style television show but unfortunately turned down the proposal.

Phil Hellmuth is known as the Poker Brat in in the industry and is no stranger to the limelight. The pro never keeps his opinions to himself and continues to play great poker to be in the headlines. Hellmuth was recently asked to appear on Wife Swap, a top ABC program, but decided to turn the show down.

According to Hellmuth’s Twitter Account, he was asked to appear on the show, but his wife decided not to go through with it. Hellmuth stated: “Have an offer to be on ABC television show “Wife Swap,” but wife won’t do it! Though I’m SURE she would look amazing! #WifeIsAwesome”

So for now, Hellmuth will be sticking to the poker games and avoid the television program. Though it would be interesting to see the pro and his wife swapping lives with another family. On Wife Swap, you never know who you will be paired with and it would surely be a larger than life personality when considering the other couple would have been Phil Hellmuth!

The poker pro recently earned a 4th place finish during an Australian event for the World Series of Poker. The event marked the third time that Hellmuth made a final table since the summer. He continues to do well and even had the potential to earn his 14th WSOP bracelet, but ended up losing out with the 4th place finish.