Ivey Poker Closes Temporarily

file4741238088930After months of hype and promotion, Ivey Poker opened for players to learn the game of poker for a better experience at the felt or online. The site featured information from top pros including Ivey and offered services for beginners as well as intermediate players. The site first launched in January of this year and has now decided to close down on a temporary basis.

The online poker training site was founded and branded based on Phil Ivey and the pro has now announced the site will be taking a break. The announcement came via social media and on Twitter Ivey stated that the site will be closed to prepare for a better and bigger site.

Ivey stated that since the site was launched, a few things have been learned in the process. The site is dedicated to the loyal community base and they want to communicate to players that there will be changes coming over the next few months. The site has closed down, after this weekend, to begin the first steps to launch a bigger and better gaming experience for players.

Ivey further stated that they appreciate everything that players have done for Ivey Poker and they hope to continue to grow and evolve as 2015 arrives. Apparently the site is working on product extensions and new categories for the site for the coming New Year. With the announcement, the site also released a new video that shows new training content will be added next year for players to enjoy.

It will be interesting to see what Ivey has planned for 2015. Many are speculating that the pro is shutting down the site due to legal troubles with his case in London as well as Atlantic City based on edge sorting in baccarat. Only time will tell if Ivey is working on new updates and what he will be bringing to online poker in 2015.