Elderly Woman Arrested for Hosting Illegal Poker Game

file4741238088930Every now and then a local police force will make an arrest that involves illegal gambling. Across the United States, individuals will host illegal poker and gambling games for players to be able to take part and of course to make a profit. Just recently, WBTV reported that an elderly woman was arrested for hosting illegal poker games, making her the oldest person to ever be arrested for such crimes.

Mary Morgan is 90 years of age and decided to host poker games in the state of Georgia. Police raided her home recently and arrest Morgan as well as 15 other people in the process. Morgan now faces gambling charges and was placed in jail for her crimes.

Morgan was under suspicion and investigated for two months before the small stakes game was busted. Apparently, the poker game provided tobacco and alcohol for sale, which is another illegal activity. Drugs was also said to have been found on the scene during the raid but what exactly has yet to be released. In total, the Saturday raid resulted in 16 people being arrested, one of which being Morgan.

During the raid, police took just over $4,000 in cash and then made a surprising decision against the 90 year old. Lawn equipment was also taken from the property as Morgan was also charged with keeping a disorderly house. Those who were in the home at the time of the raid and playing poker were charged with gambling by police. Playing poker in a live setting is deemed illegal in the state of Georgia and that is why Morgan and those involved were arrested and charged.

This is just one of many instances in which gamblers are subject to charges due to illegal gambling activity. Players are gonna play and sometimes get caught!