Casino Robber Deemed Mentally Unstable

file4741238088930Last summer a robbery took place at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas that rocked the casino industry. A man entered the casino and took a ton of cash and has seen time in court. Scott Alan Carmitchel of Kansas was in court this past week and a judge ruled he was unfit to stand trial based on psychological reasons.

Carmitchel has been charged with robbing the Las Vegas Casino and appeared in court soon after wearing a mask and blanket. During his mugshot pictures, the suspect had to be restrained and would not even speak. The judge ruled at the time that Carmitchel ‘might have mental problems’.

The suspect also refused to open his eyes or even acknowledge where he was during the appearance in court. He faces federal charges of interference with commerce and has acted very strangely during the entire ordeal. The money that the suspect was able to receive was spent on sex workers and shopping, some $43,000 spent by Carmitchel.

Carmitchel was caught after a tourist told police that he was offered $300 to rent the suspect a hotel room. Carmitchel spent time in jail in the late 1990s for a robbery and also spent time in jail about a year ago for making a criminal threat. When the incident first occurred, Carmitchel stated that was at the casino but did not remember what happened while he was there.

The Bellagio Casino has been subject to robbery in the past with the huge craps heist back in 2011. The robber managed to take $1.5 million in chips from the casino gaming floor. An arrest was made in that case just like in the most recent robbery. The casino continues to make changes to the security measures to ensure that this type of robbery does not happen again in the future.