Dan Bilzerian In Legal Trouble

Dan Bilzerian is a high stakes poker pro who is known more for his antics away from the poker table than his poker game play. Bilzerian has a huge following on Instagram and across social media platforms, always posting pictures of naked women or his antics on and off the felt. Many people follow Bilzerian to see what he might do next but according to recent reports, the pro is now in some hot water for his actions over the past weekend.

Bilzerian was visiting a nightclub in Miami when he allegedly kicked a woman in the face. A video was recently released that shows someone who appears to be the poker pro kicking the woman at the club. On Tuesday, the poker pro was arrested while at the LAX on a felony charge that was not specified. Could this be due to the incident with the young woman or something else?

According to a report at TMZ, the poker pro was accused of attempting the make explosives and the warrant for his arrest was issued back in November. The warrant was apparently kept quiet until now that Bilzerian was arrested. It has also been reported that the poker pro is being held in jail without bail. According to the report, he may face as much as six years in prison for the charge he faces.

The gossip site reports that Bilzerian was charged with the felony after he was found to have ammonium and aluminum powder with ammonium nitrate mix. When these three chemicals are put together, they will create something like TNT. It is well-known that Bilzerian is a fan of weapons and has been known to show pictures of weapons on social media sites, so the idea behind the charges is not very farfetched. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days as more information is sure to be released in this case.