Fantasy Sports Bill Moves Forward in Kansas

Image result for fantasy sports bettingOptions for betting are quite limited in the United States with only select areas offering online as well as land based gaming. States are beginning to create additional legislation to offer betting options so players have more options for enjoying game play. In the state of Kansas, a new bill has moved forward to allow fantasy sports betting within the state.

On Monday, the senators of the state approved a new bill that will allow fantasy sports to take place. The games will be considered skill based and would be deemed legal in the eyes of the law. The bill was passed in the Senate with a vote of 37 to 1.

The bill will now need to move forward to the House and pass before it can be signed by the governor. If the bill is passed by the House, the governor will have to be in approval and sign the bill into law before the gaming can be enjoyed.

The debate of fantasy sports has been a strong one in the state as the gambling regulator of Kansas believes that fantasy sports leagues in the private sector are considered illegal lotteries based on the state’s constitution. However, the attorney general of the state says that the games are not illegal because they are skill based and are not considered gambling.

The bill that has been introduced would make the law clear so gamers could take part in fantasy sports leagues. The bill was introduced by Representative Brett Hildabrand to ensure that residents are not going to be given violations for gambling due to taking part in fantasy sports online.

Fantasy sports joins online poker in the US as a gaming alternative that has to gain approval and legislation to be able to provide gamers with legalized options before the option can be enjoyed without any threats during game play.