Manny Pacquiao Dropping Poker Hands instead of Punches

It is no surprise to hear the name Manny Pacquiao associated with the boxing world but many do not know the boxer is also a poker player. Pacquiao frequently enjoys poker gaming and has been known to hit the high stakes tables a time or two. In a recent Sports Illustrated issue, the magazine delves deep into the boxer’s love of poker, even reporting that he spent $100,000 in many a poker game.

Pacquiao is no stranger to gaming and has been known to drop hundreds of thousands on cock fighting as well as poker game play. It was reported in the article that the boxer will frequently spend $100,000 at the poker tables, a seemingly large amount for one that does not play the game on a career level.

While $100,000 is a huge sum for most, the boxer has a high pay grade so can easily afford the loss. It seems as though the player regularly hits the tables, especially when you take in to account the regular sightings posted at popular poker forums. The boxer would frequently hit the tables after a fight in Las Vegas or even after simply promoting a fight. Anytime he could play, it seemed Pacquiao would be at the gaming tables.

It is not uncommon to find sports stars or even celebrities at the casino gaming tables. Poker is a common past time that many enjoy and even some sports stars earning sponsorships from major poker brands such as PokerStars. The boxer has now earned a pretty penny in his recent match against Floyd Mayweather and certainly has the cash to compete. After earning $100 million just for showing up at the fight, we may soon see Pacquiao once again at the poker tables throwing down $100,000 games or possibly even more!