Vanessa Rousso to appear on Big Brother

When summer arrives, television viewers can expect to find new television shows to launch during the off-peak season. For the most part, new shows are of the reality variety with one of the most popular being Big Brother of the CBS Network. Big Brother places a certain number of individuals in a home that is restricted of no televisions, radio or outside contact. Each contestant competes for rewards and the coveted Head of Household to have a say in who gets to stay and who goes home. It has recently been announced that a top poker pro will be taking part in the upcoming season of the reality show.

Vanessa Rousso will be one of 14 house guests featured on the show and should be able to put her poker skills to good use. Many guests of the Big Brother house use their skills and do not reveal who they are or what they do for a living. As an avid fan of BB, it would be smart for Rousso not to reveal what she does for her career, unless someone recognizes her.

Other guests of the BB house will realize that Rousso can use her poker skills to lie and manipulate the other guests and may feel threatened. The poker pro is all about competition and commonly takes part in poker tournaments, earning cash outs or title wins.

The new season of Big Brother begins on the 24th of June on CBS and will feature Rousso being introduced as a member of the cast. For two nights the show will introduce the new cast mates so everyone will get to see Vanessa as she interacts with others and plans out her strategy to win the game. It will be definitely be an interesting season as the poker pro joins in for 2015!