Letter of Support Written by California Coalition in Favor of iPoker

The state of California has yet to be able to pass legislation in regards to online poker, despite many efforts over the past few years. It seems as though now there is potential with AB 2863, a measure on the table in the state, is going to hearing next week. The bill is sponsored by Adam Gray, an assemblyman in the state, which would legalize and regulate iPoker in the state.

To show their support, the coalition of Indian tribes, PokerStars and several card rooms, known as the PokerStars Coalition, have shown their support for the legislation. In the letter sent to Gray, the Coalition stated that they are in support of Gray’s bill, that the measure will protect consumers while creating jobs and strengthening the economy of the state. The letter goes on to state that legalizing and regulating the activity will be good for poker players as well as consumers who will be able to take part in a regulated in a safe environment.

The Coalition stated they are proud to be supporting the bill that would establish a competitive marketplace, with the regulation of operators and service providers, consumer protections and a reasonable return for the state.

For some time, the Coalition has worked with legislators and other parties interested in the industry to move forward with the issues of policies regarding online poker. The hope of the Coalition is that Gray’s measure will move forward, reaching the governor’s desk and gaining his signature.

The hearing is a good sign for poker players in the state but it will still be some time still if legislation moves forward. It may not even be this year for the state to see a measure passed for players to be able to enjoy online poker gaming within the state’s borders.