Online Gambling Revenues Increase Significantly in Delaware

file4741238088930With online gambling options available in three different states of the US, players have limited online gaming to choose from. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are the only states offering either poker or poker/casino gaming online and New Jersey has taken the top spot as the number one provider in the US. With a small population, Delaware has pulled up the rear since launching online gaming and continues to see poor revenues in the industry. However, for the month of November, the state saw a significant jump which lead to over $30,000 in revenues earned.

For the month of November, the state of Delaware was able to earn $194,898.39 in online gaming revenues. The Delaware Lottery reported the figures and stated this was the best since the month of June when $187,000+ was earned.

In October, the state only earned around $130,000 so this was a significant jump in numbers. In November, 308 online gaming accounts were created which is far less than last November at 2,654, but the online gaming option has just launched so the popularity would of course be in full swing.

Considering the breakdown of earnings, online poker brought in almost $33,000 which is good, but nothing compared to what Nevada and New Jersey are able to pull in. In December of last year, the state was able to earn $106,900 in online poker earnings, which is the current record for the state.

Overall, Delaware continues to perform with gamblers taking to the online poker and casino options but without a large player base, will never see the significant numbers like others in the industry. However, the state is set to partner with Nevada so we could see a nice increase in revenues once interstate game play begins. This was supposed to happen late this year but now seems to have been pushed back until early 2015.