Native American Tribe Demands Casino Rights or Plans on Growing Marijuana

Image result for pot weedAcross the United States, the laws and regulations for casino gaming will vary. While some states offer casino gaming others do not. A casino cannot be built without going through the proper channels and in many states, this is not allowed period. In states with Indian Tribes, the tribes usually have the right to offer casino gaming as long as the rules of the state to tribe pact are followed. In the state of Florida, a Native American Tribe wants to build a casino and if they are not allowed, plan on using the land to grow marijuana.

The movement by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians is considered a threat by the state as marijuana is illegal in Florida. The state is not one that is favorable of the plant which is used for medical and recreational purposes. The federal government may get involved as they do not want to see pot grown on tribal lands and if the tribe decides to make this move, they may be in for more trouble than bargained for.

The tribe already has casinos in Alabama and wants to be able to offer gaming in Florida alongside the Miccosukee and Seminole tribes. The Creek tribe would like to have a casino located in the Florida Panhandle area on land in Escambia in which they own.

It has been reported that the tribe has already begun construction. The Indian tribe is in talks to create a compact to allow the tribe to build a casino and offer gambling. However, the tribe does not have the status within the federal government to be able to enter a compact with the state.

The governor of Florida stated that it is premature for the state to engage in any negotiations of a compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians until the tribe is able to obtain Indian lands determination from the Department of the Interior.