GeoComply CEO Replies to Technology Complaints

file4741238088930Geolocation services are a must in the United States when it comes to online casino and poker game play. In the states that offer such gaming, Delaware/Nevada/New Jersey, the technology is used to help ensure players are located within the states borders. Without this technology, the regulations in place would not be followed and players from anywhere would be able to take part. The location services were spotty at first but have since adapted and been able to provide quality service to those who are located in each state.

Of course, there are those who believe Geolocation does not work and try to push the issues to stop online gaming from taking place. This includes the opponents to the activity such as the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. Just recently, the Vice President of Government Relations for the National Association of Convenience Stores, Lyle Beckwith, spoke out on the matter.

Beckwith stated that legalized gaming should not be allowed and spoke out on several areas of the industry. It seems as though Beckwith does not believe that the industry is safe and is against the technology used to ensure players are not able to access the gaming sites from out of state as well as minors.

It seems as though the post by Beckwith was just enough to push the buttons of Anna Sainsbury, the CEO of GeoComply and she has now fired back at those who want to talk out against geolocation services.

In her rebuttal, Sainsbury stated that as a licensed provider of geolocation technology in the three states offering such gaming, she can assure any naysayers that regulators ran thousands of tests outside their boundaries to ensure that no problems existed. She ensures the results provided are the correct ones and safeguards are in place for quality gaming. The regulators audited the geolocation systems as well as three independent labs to ensure the integrity of the technology.