Judge Dismisses Cheung Yin Sun Lawsuit

Having been named Phil Ivey’s partner in an Atlantic City lawsuit, Cheung Yin Sun recently lost an additional lawsuit involving the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Sun along with two additional players were suing the casino for winnings as well as deposit funds after they were denied the money and accused of cheating the casino.

A judge dismissed the case this week and none of the gamblers will be receiving the money they believe is rightfully theirs, some $3 million. The individuals of the case had visited the casino in 2011 and used what they are calling a legal method of card sorting to determine which cards were in play. The non-playing sides of the cards reportedly had distinguishing marks that helped the gamblers make the appropriate moves to win a ton of cash.

With this case, the gamblers had deposited $1.6 milllion to play the mini-baccarat game and then won $1.1 million. All the money was kept by the casino based on what they were calling methods of cheating. The gamblers filed the lawsuit seeking $100,000 each for damages as they say the casino was in violation of their civil rights.

However, the case was dismissed as the owner of the casino is an Indian tribe and the judge ruled tribal sovereignty in the case. Sun also had a case in the United Kingdom in which she lost based on edge-sorting. Sun, along with Phil Ivey, failed to recover $12.1 million in winnings they earned from Crockfords casino due to edge-sorting. The casino refused to pay and won in court, never having to pay up the millions of dollars in winnings.

The two now have an on-going lawsuit against the Borgata for $9.6 million, which is still pending. If this case goes the same as previous attempts, the gamblers will never see any profit from their edge-sorting scheming.