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Daniel Weinman Earns WPT Tournament of Champions Win

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

The second annual World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions has finished up and it was poker pro Daniel Weinman who earned the first place win. Weinman had to face Michael Mizrachi in heads-up play to earn the title win and not only did he earn a huge prize but he also took home a 2018 Audi S5 coupe, custom poker table and a ton more prizes! The added value of the additional prizes certainly made the big win even sweeter!

66 players made up the field of competitors as the World Poker Tour event is played by WPT champions. Players either win a seat for free or they are a champion from a previous season and they buy-in for $15,000. The tournament was sponsored by Monster and saw an additional $100,000 added to the pot via the tournament sponsor.

When the final day of game play began, Weinman was the chip leader but had to fight to stay in the competition. Other top players at the table included Erik Seidel and of course Mizrachi. When heads up play began, Weinman would have about a 5 to 1 chip lead over Mizrachi. However, the lead by Weinman would dwindle as Mizrachi doubled up a few times. However, Weinman would maintain the lead and ended up earning the win with A-8 off suit.

The final hand would show a W-J-3-8-7 on the board with Weinman holding an A-8 and Mizrachi holding pocket fives. The 8s were better and Weinman would claim the title win, prize money and around $150,000 in additional prizes including the brand new Audi.


Final Results of the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions

First Place Daniel Weinman $381,500
Second Place Michael Mizrachi $218,000
Third Place Daniel Santoro $133,525
Fourth Place David Ormsby $95,375
Fifth Place Erik Seidel $73,575
Sixth Place Dylan Wilkerson $57,225