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CBS Sports Network to Feature 2016 Super High Roller Bowl of Poker Central

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

file4741238088930The Super High Roller Bowl is an event set to be hosted by Poker Central and offer $15 million in tournament cash. Yesterday it was announced that this event will be aired on the CBS Sports Network, allowing fans and fellow poker players the opportunity to watch as the action unfolds.

From the 29th of May to the 1st of June, the Super High Roller Bowl will take place and CBS plans to air 30 hours of the footage live as the event takes place in Las Vegas. The ARIA Resort & Casino will set the stage for the event as top pros and amateurs compete for the top prize.

Poker Central is offering a way for fans to get in on the action, with a $1 million prize up for grabs. Fans will have to choose the order of the final table finishers and if chosen correctly, a cash prize will be awarded. The picks must be made before day two begins. If no one is able to choose the players at the final table, the closest picks will reward a player with $10,000.

It was announced in March that the cap of 49 players was met, with players paying the $300,000 buy-in. The winner of the tournament will be taking home $5 million in cash for outlasting the competitions. In last year’s event, it was Brian Rast who earned $7.5 million for winning the event, outlasting the other 43 players in the competition.

Just a few more days remain before the event kicks off at the ARIA. On the 29th, catch all the action from 7pm to 3am ET while Monday the 30th will see the action start at 8pm and run until 3am ET on CBS Sports Network. Tuesday will see action running from 8pm to 3am as well ET while the final day, Wednesday the 1st of June, will see CBS airing footage from 7pm until 3am ET.

Super High Roller Event Gaining Attention

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

This summer the Aria plans on offering a Super High Roller Bowl which has a price tag of $500,000 to enter. This is a high dollar amount that many poker players just cannot afford, expect the elite. The event will not take place until July but already the number of players set to complete has passed the 40 entry mark. The event is set to be a big money maker, with the field continuing to grow at a nice pace.

The event has seen seven additional players sign up to compete in just the past two weeks. That is $3.5 million in entry fees paid, a crazy amount of cash. The tournament will begin on the 2nd of July and will continue until the 4th, which sets the event taking place right before the World Series of Poker begins their Main Event. This allows players who are in town to take place in the Aria event as well as the WSOP Main Event.

We do not know if the registration for this event will eventually be capped or if the Aria will let players continue to pony up the massive buy-in to compete. The goal is to have a $25 million prize pool and offer a first place prize of $8 million+. To meet these numbers, the event would need 50 entries, which should be doable as players continue to sign up to compete.

The Aria website is keeping the poker community in the know as to who is signing up to compete and how many players are registered. So far, the new players set to compete include someone known as a Hedge Fund Manager, a retired businessman and a CEO. Once the event begins, it will be interesting to see how many players are actually going to compete and how large the prize pool will be!